Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for TrickRoom/5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)

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Welcome to take a look again!

Added following pokemon for trade:


Charmander Fast Ball HA

Vulpix Fast Ball HA

Farfetch'd Moon Ball HA

Growlith Dream Ball HA

Tyrogue Level Ball HA

Cleffa Dream Ball

Natu Friend Ball HA

Roselia Moon Ball

Munna Moon Ball

Yamask Dream Ball

Litwick Dream Ball HA

Vullaby Moon Ball (no HA!)

Spritzee Dream Ball HA

Bergmite Moon Ball

Morelull Love Ball HA

Drampa Dream Ball HA

Wooloo Love Ball

Milcery Friend- and Beast Ball HA both

Eiscue Lure- and Moon Ball

Pyukumuku Dream Ball HA
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